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Residential HVAC Services

Segovians Mechanical HVACR Services

Segovians Company offers its customer’s air conditioning systems from brands recognized for their prestige, effectiveness and energy efficiency. You can choose from our range of air conditioning and thermostats products according to your requirements, space and style.

We offer residential technical services for both air conditioning and heating, whether for new systems installations as well as repairs, preventive maintenance or replacements.

We properly and technically advise our client, providing timely solutions. We treat the client as our friend who deserves an honest, responsible and effective response.

Our professional, friendly and trained technicians will take the time to ensure long-term performance and maximum energy savings.

We consider money as a precious asset that God has gifted us with the fruit of our work. So, before making a recommendation; our technical diagnosis is very well founded and credible. We do not see income from work as our main objective, but rather, we want to give an accurate response to the client to satisfy their need and that the investment of money at work is to achieve a comfortable and safe environment at home.

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So whether you need a new HVAC unit for a construction project, or you want to upgrade your current system to replace an obsolete one, we’re the company you can trust. We provide free estimates on replacements, free second options, and will never charge overtime for weekends or holidays.