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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Segovians Company offer contracts for maintenance and service.

The economical operation and dependability of a system depend on proper servicing. The basic servicing and troubleshooting procedures for central air conditioning systems are similar in many ways to those for servicing and troubleshooting small domestic appliances.

There are several possible causes of comfort cooling related service calls:

  • No cooling or insufficient cooling.

  • Indoor air too humid.

  • Air in building is stuffy (stale).

  • Excessive (indoor or outdoor) noise.

  • High cost of operation.

  • System will not start.

Replacing essential HVAC equipment is an important business decision, so it makes sense to work with a commercial HVAC contractor with the experience and trained installers to get the job done right. Segovians Company has many technical service contracts for hotels in the Katy area as well as established shopping centers in the city of Houston and churches. In the same way, we have performed services for different roofing companies, etc., which need to remodel the duct system or replace air conditioning units.

We have long been dedicated to providing commercial air conditioning services for: restaurants, hotels, small businesses, commercial buildings, coffee shops, shopping center, churches and industry.

We also provide installation services for air conditioning systems for new buildings because for more than eight years we have installed air conditioning systems for restaurants, fire stations, public buildings, restaurants and churches.

In the commercial technical service we are specialized to solve problems in highly sophisticated air conditioning units such as AAON, MUNTERS, TEMTROL, dehumidifiers, etc., as well as we can handle the solution of problems in units controlled by Building Automation System (BAS).