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Finding the right air conditioning expert can become stressful when you need a repair right away. If you make the wrong choice it’s easy to end up with a cheap repairman that damages your A/C unit or other assets in your home. Not to mention that he might be “out of the office” when you call again because his repair job broke two weeks later.

The works that Segovians Company has carried out in the city of Houston and its surroundings with reliable samples of you can rely on us to get the job done right the first time around. All of our techs are Universal EPA certified and have many years of air conditioning repair experience. In addition to being fully licensed in Texas for air conditioning repair; we’re also insured for repairs, sales, replacement and maintenance for all heating/cooling equipment. No matter how big or small of a problem you have with your AC, our technicians are ready to fix it quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price.

When you hire us, our main goal is that the solution of the air conditioning problem is solved and that it works correctly and that you get more working time. No one should suffer through a summer day or night without AC. We wouldn’t want to be hot and uncomfortable either, and we’re dedicated to your satisfaction.

Whatever the issue, our highly trained and experienced technicians are prepared diagnose and repair your system. We’ll help you determine if your cooling unit has a problem with the condenser, compressor, evaporator coils, or refrigerant — or if there’s an issue with another system component like the thermostat, electrical wiring, or ductwork.

Some of the repairs we carry out are:

  • Replacement of: blower motor & assemblies, cabinet components, compressors & accessories, controls, ducts components & curb, electrical components, heat exchanger, heat kits, thermostat & sensors, evaporator coil, fan motors, etc.

  • Detection and repair of leaks in the evaporator coil as a condenser.

  • Refrigerant balancing for the air conditioning unit.

  • Detection of electrical and mechanical failures of the system.

  • Repair of air leaks or restrictions.

  • HVAC Zoning



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Signs That It’s Time for an AC Repair

Wondering if it’s time to have a Segovians Company HVAC technician take a look at your AC system. Here are a few air conditioning problems we often see in the Houston area:

There are several possible causes of comfort cooling -related service calls:

  • No cooling or insufficient cooling.

  • Indoor air too humid.

  • Air in building is stuffy (stale).

  • Excessive (indoor or outdoor) noise.

  • High cost of operation.

  • System will not start.


Replacing an HVAC System When replacing an HVAC system, always calculate the heating and cooling loads to properly size the replacement system. Do not assume that the replacement system should have the same capacity as the system it is replacing. Changes made to the building since the previous system was installed, such as the addition or removal of windows, doors, and insulation may make a larger or smaller system more efficient. Even changes in shading due to maturing trees or new construction around the building can have a significant effect on the heating and cooling loads.

If you want an affordable and reliable HVAC installation in city of Houston, Texas, then you can trust SEGOVIANS COMPANY to get it done right. Our experienced technicians have many years of experience working with HVAC systems. Not to mention that in addition to being fully licensed, we are also insured for repairs, installations, and maintenance and HVAC sales.

SEGOVIANS COMPANY also provides on parts and labor, as well as full factory warranties on equipment. We’re not a brand new HVAC company that is just getting started and can’t afford to insure their clients. There’s a reason we’re known for being the air conditioning experts in the Houston area, and part of that reason is that we focus on delivering excellent work every time.

Segovians Company assumes that cooling systems should be installed only in furnaces less than 15 years old. Older furnaces will need to be replaced.

The way we see it, installing HVAC systems isn’t just about the installation itself. What we focus on is getting your HVAC system optimized for your home, so that it is energy efficient. Air conditioning is often the most expensive tab in your electricity bill, and we intend to minimize it as much as possible. As time goes on you can save hundreds of dollars on electricity costs with a properly optimized HVAC system.

We provide in-home consultation as well as help in selecting an energy-efficiency HVAC system. Our solutions are also focused on meeting your comfort needs, lifestyle and budget. SEGOVIANS COMPANY also provides financing options to pay for your Air Conditioning Installation.

So whether you need a new HVAC unit for a construction project, or you want to upgrade your current system to replace an obsolete one, we’re the company you can trust. We provide free estimates on replacements, free second options, and will never charge overtime for weekends or holidays.